Hotels and Accommodation

When I travel, my goto is Booking dot Com, every time. closely followed by AirBnB.

When I travel I don’t like to use all-inclusive. There’s a time and a place for it, but I am yet to discover it. I prefer to book everything separately to suit my travel style.

That way I can stay extremely close to places of interest, or stay in separate places at the same destination and have mini holidays. I feel it gives me extra freedom. It grants me more time to explore and that’s worth it for me! Check out my bucket list!

Rental Cars

What’s better than discovering private beaches, and exploring Hidden Gems all by yourself?

I always look to get a car whenever possible. The freedom it provides is awesome. Those early morning coach tours, limited “free time” and rigid departure times are the worst.

So make your own schedule, Click here to check out Rental Cars, my go-to.


Booking well in advance is always best, But not always Practical. If I can help it, I avoid budget airlines. But they are a godsend for those spontaneous weekend trips and soooo cheap and cheerful.

If I already have a plan I tend to go directly to airlines when they have sales. You get better customer service than when dealing with a third party.

I like to browse Skyscanner just for kicks, and then directly on the suggested airlines’ website in case of more sales.

I’m also signed up to Fare Drop, a subscription service by Kara and Nate. It scours the Internet for cheap flights and texts you when there’s something available. You book, You fly and enjoy a cheap spontaneous getaway!

Split tickets can also be a money saver. As in two singles instead of a full journey. I once had a trip from Kingston Jamaica to Mexico planned. Now there aren’t any direct flights between the two, and it would cost me £600. Now here’s the kicker, the same exact flight bought as two singles cost £200, winning. But the compromise is that you have to collect your luggage in between. So make sure when doing this, you ensure there is enough time between flights. The savings can be huge!!

Travel Credit Cards

Now I am no travel hacker, this is just my experience. I do use a British Airways Amex card for purchases. This earns me points, and in turn cheaper airline tickets. You can also earn companion vouchers and they always have deals on other spending to maximize your points.

If you’re interested, check out the BA Amex website Here If you’re approved we both get Bonus Avios, winning!

You do also get more security when booking things with a credit card, including travel insurance and other benefits depending on your level.

These are just my views, not instruction. Please do not take out a travel credit card if you will not be able to pay it off. That can be a slippery slope, trust me I know. Do your own research before committing to anything, and READ the terms and conditions.
**This page contains affiliate links that do not change the cost to you if you make any purchase but it helps me in a small way whenever you do.

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