Become The Driver
Become the Driver
Sa Foradada, Malloca

So, You want to know more?

Me, me, me. Here are a few things about me. I’m a Computer Engineering Graduate, currently full-time I.T guy and a full-time dreamer of traveling and sampling delicious worldly cuisine. Did I mention that I love Food and I Love to Travel? Believe me when I say that I have a rather long list of places I would love to see while I still can if I can only find a way to get over my own budget limitations short of an elaborate Heist! I was Born In Zimbabwe, Living in England and I play Rugby. Xbox over PlayStation, etc. I also recently switched to the dark side of iPhone from Years of Samsung, but that’s enough info :).

Firstly, this Blog is a place I am hoping to document my quest to become the driver of my own life and further embrace all the opportunities that come my way. Create and keep memories and Explore what the world has to offer.

On this journey, I hope to complete a lot of the items on my ever-evolving bucket list. I would generally like to say yes to more experiences and not let external influences (within reason) dictate what I do or where I go, Take chances, Live and Learn, you know #YOLO

I am not a great writer by any means, I’m learning, but I hope to grow as a result of my journey. Hopefully, I can share some experiences in a way that makes sense. If you find anything helpful or especially relevant as a result of your visit to Become the Driver, then I will be happy.

Thanks for listening, Like and Share if you care. Subscribe for post notifications if you feel that way inclined and check me out on my socials and leave a comment. Most importantly, remember to Become the Driver of Your Life.

And remember, tell your friends about the Fun times we’ve had!

Happy Internetting!

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