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Thinking about creating your own Blog. Look no further, click this link and get yourself some discounted Hosting packages from SiteGround. Occasionally there may be deals that also offer free or discounted domain names when you sign up to a hosting package. These offers are subject to availability and may be seasonal, but you will have an excellent deal and typically they can offer you 60% off. Just choose your hosting type and sign up.

For total transparency. If you click any of the links on this page. You will get discount, and in doing so I will get some discount on mine too at no extra cost to you 😊 . So essentially we are helping each other out. Lets get the Blogging universe involved in some excellent Hosting.

Siteground has been excellent as far as I am concerned. Up time is  great. I have had no issues. Customer support is excellent, I have been on the phone to them a few times. their prices are extremely competitive and products are scalable to your needs. what more can I say, give them a try. And if you need a guide to create your own blog, check out my post on Creating a new Blog using SiteGround.

Web Hosting

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