Check out my gear. I am no professional and if you ask me about camera settings I would probably just stare blankly, But this is what I have, and I’m learning on the job so hopefully if you stick around, you can witness the improvement as it happens.

  • Main Camera – iPhone 11
  • Drone – DJI Mavic Pro original
  • Adventure and Underwater – GoPro Hero 8 Black

My trusty GoPro’s have been with me for the longest time, Currently rocking the Hero 8 Black I had the original Hero and I don’t go on holiday without it. The settings remain the same, I just point and shoot and at the end of it all I tend to have a few decent shots.

I recently got Adobe Lightroom, and that has a steep learning curve. However, I have discovered a few quick built-in settings that can make a huge difference to a picture. Just a few simple adjustments bring the pictures to life.

I also do a lot with my smartphone. I currently have the iPhone 11 and I think it takes awesome pictures. Nowadays the gap between the quality of a smartphone camera and an actual camera is not as vast as it once was. I am yet to invest in a ‘proper camera’ because I consider myself to be still learning the basics of photography. Buying a camera won’t make your photos any better if you don’t know how to fully utilize its extra features. So I will enjoy this early phase while it’s here.

Check out my Instagram for a few more pictures I have taken. The majority on my smartphone and for where I am at the moment, it is perfect for me.

Feel free to send me any helpful info on capturing great images and videos.

Feel inspired

Get yourself a few of these goodies. Just click the links below and you will find them at a decent price on Amazon. My gear can become your gear.