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Check out my gear. I am no professional and if you ask me about camera settings I would probably just stare blankly, But this is what I have, and I’m learning on the job so hopefully if you stick around, you can witness the improvement as it happens.

My trusty GoPro’s have been with me for the longest time. I had the original Hero and I don’t go on holiday without it. The settings remain the same, I just point and shoot and at the end of it all I tend to have a few decent shots. I recently got Adobe Lightroom, and that has a steep learning curve. However I have discovered a few quick built-in settings that can make a huge difference to a picture. Just a few simple filters bring the pictures to life.

I also do a lot with my smart phone. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S8 and I think it takes awesome pictures. Nowadays the gap between quality of a smart phone camera and an actual camera is not as vast as it once was. I am yet to invest in a proper camera because I consider myself to be still learning the basics of photography. Buying a camera wont make your photos any better if you don’t know how to fully utilize its extra features. So I will enjoy this early phase while its here.

check out my instagram for a few more pictures I have taken. Majority on my smart phone and for where I am at the moment, it is perfect for me.

Links to buy all these things will be available, just click the images and titles and join me in my amateur photography journey. Feel free to send me any helpful info on capturing great images and video.

Feel inspired

Get yourself a few of these goodies. Just click the links below and you will find them at a decent price on amazon. My gear can become your gear.

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Drone – Grey

GoPro HERO Session Camera

GoPro HERO5 Black Action Camera

Feiyu WG2 Updated 3-Axis Wearable Waterproof Gimbal for GoPro Hero5 / GoPro Hero4 / Session and Cameras

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod – Red

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Happy Internetting!


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