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London NYE Tower Bridge

Fireworks in London

London is beautiful at the best of times, but there is just something about NYE that makes it seem that much better. Maybe it’s the cold weather, or the anticipation of spending your last moments of the year under the stars with a beautiful fireworks display. Who knows? all I know is, it’s a great time to be in the capital. The atmosphere is great and the mood is merry, people are still high off their Christmas cheer and the town is a sight to behold. If you have never been to London, this would be a great time to go.


London is a big place, and can be very expensive at this time of year. but with the right planning it is well worth the trip.  I had always seen the fireworks on live on TV but this time we thought why not. It is well worth planning in advance so you get good deals for places to stay, if you’re staying over.

There are many ways to enjoy the fireworks displays in London. Either in the immediate area on foot, In a NYE party in one of the surrounding skyscrapers, on a boat party on the Thames, from your hotel room or just on TV. It all depends on your budget. And good views aren’t guaranteed. But put in some planning and you can check this one off your Bucket List in style.

How we did it

We went the cheap option of buying a ticket to the show for £10. This gives you access to closed off roads surrounding the London Eye (source of the fireworks). Our tickets were for the red area, located along Victoria Embankment.


The night started with dinner and some drinks before we made our way into the centre. I stayed not too far away from the city centre with family. So already a saving on accommodation, if this isn’t an option you must book early before people start marking up their rooms. On the train ride there, we had a couple of drinks, you are allowed to bring in small amounts for personal consumption, and food etc. but just check the rules on the website.

We got off a little way away and decided to walk the rest of the way, certain tube stations become exit only after a certain time on this night. But this way you get to take in the sights. Walk along the river, and depending on your route you might get to walk across the millennium bridge featured in Harry Potter. (you know, the one they get chased by death eaters). With fabulous views of St Paul’s Cathedral, beautiful alleyways and it is all lit up in festive lighting.

Visit one of the pubs along the way if you have time and take it all in. and if you fancy an after party you might have to book in advance because everywhere will be ticket only on the night. Once we got to our entrance the crowds were gathering so we had to queue up for a bit but it was all managed very well so it wasn’t too long. You will have to get your bags checked if you have any and then you are good to go. There are plenty of toilets and food stalls, so all you have to do is pick your spot and stay there because the place gets crowded.

Make sure you have a good view of the London Eye and then set up shop. And from there on it is a waiting game. There are live DJs and probably 100s of thousands of people all there to celebrate, so just join in. As you start your mental countdown, the DJ will be doing the same, there is a light show on the London eye and the surrounding buildings are lit up as well, so there is plenty of visual stimulus.

And when you are moments away, the crowd tightens. Everyone is trying to get the best view. The phones come out, and the DJ lets you know. The countdown begins. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The fireworks display begins, Music matches each bang and this goes on for nearly ten minutes. But it seems like the time isn’t long enough. It is truly mesmerizing. Catch a few pictures but make sure to use your eyes and actually see the display. The grandeur, the emotion it gives you and start your year the right way. Any resolutions? Make them now and try to stick to them.

Once all the hype is finished and the crowds start dispersing, you become aware of the cold again. And the shuffle begins, whether you’re making your way home or to an after party, you better get going because you want to reach the transport as soon as possible. But take with you the amazing memories you just made, a few pictures and the good feeling of having experienced your first moments of the New Year in style.

Thats one more off My Bucket List. Let me know if you have any suggestions of great ways to celebrate NYE in future.

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***  Pictures taken by me on my Samsung Galaxy S8

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