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The Greatest Escape 

 Got an extra hour to spare? Of course, you do! Got at least one friend? Hopefully, but if not, family works too. Want to try something new and exciting? Then why not try out an Escape room. You will not be disappointed. It may turn out to be your greatest escape! 

“The Best way to escape from your problem is to solve it” – Robert Anthony

Breaking Out 

I too was unsure at first. How fun can it be being locked up for an hour just to see if you can get out. But in typical Become the Driver style, I thought what’s the worst that can happen. Just try it out and you could be pleasantly surprised. Escape rooms have been growing in popularity recently and you’ll see why when you go. 

Having never done it before, your mind starts reeling. But best advice would be to just go in with an open mind and have fun. That’s the aim after all. Be sure to go with someone you get along with, because you’re going to be locked in a room together after all.  

Escape Rooms 2

The Game  

A lot of the rooms vary in the minimum amount required to play. This is because some of the puzzles require two or more people to complete. Typically, 3-6 players are normal but some places have rooms which work with only 2 people. The difficult varies as well so you can go for an easy one to begin with and then step it up once you’re comfortable.  

We went to Breakin’ Escape rooms in London . There were 6 of us in our group. We did the “Flying Dutchman” a 3/5 difficulty and “Speed Heist” 5/5. The aim of the game is simple, you have 60 minutes to try to escape by solving the puzzles. It’s almost a treasure hunt where the treasure is the key to freedom. You are able to ask for clues but the amount you get is dependent on the difficulty and how many people. Average allowance is 3-5 clues. And most importantly if you’re not feeling it, you can just ask to get out.  


Make sure to communicate with your team, at all times. Nothing goes unsaid. Most importantly be ready to listen. Shouting at each other only wastes time. Not listening to someone else results in duplicated effort, and yes, you guessed it, more wasted time. 60 minutes is a decent amount of time, and you should be able to escape from any room.

If there is a lot of information overload you can always divide and conquer. Just have patience, and pay attention to detail. Think outside the box. Search everywhere, you could find clues in the most unlikeliest of places, but you’ll only find them if you look. There are no silly hiding places that are too simple, try them all. Be sure to keep your wits about you, some rooms require some calculations and problem solving but fear not, you always have your clues.

Use your clues if you get stuck on something for too long, but don’t just use them without trying first. You’d rather have clues left over than have none when you really need them.

Escape Rooms

The Escape  

We escaped from our rooms. Both with considerable time to spare. Doing the easier one first gives confidence and is the way to go. We didn’t get onto the hall of fame leaderboard for quickest time 😞. Although we were within a couple of minutes on one of them which, if like me, you have a competitive side, will make you want to do that much better next time. And just like that you’re hooked.  

Escape rooms have been popping up all over the place, and this just fuels the desire to go back and get your picture on the Hall of Fame. I would definitely recommend trying one out. This could turn into your new hobby. It’s extremely addictive and fun way to pass time, bond and like me, check something off your bucket list whilst having fun.

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Happy Internetting! 


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