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Log Cabin Sunset - Surrey UK

Have you ever dreamt about staying on your own private island? With its own bridge access, a cozy fire, your own private fishing lake and a small boat to row around said lake? Not to mention the deck from which you can enjoy the most amazing sunsets!

This is a one of a kind luxury retreat in the rural Surrey countryside. Its located on Green Lane Farm in the ‘Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ need I say more?

But let’s get to why you are here! That Log cabin tho!

There is plenty to visit, see, explore, and learn about the area. If you would like to find out more check out the Visit Surrey Website.

You also have bikes at your disposal to ride around the farm. If you’re lucky, you might run into some of the resident animals including Highland Cattle, Donkeys, and dogs. Besides badger, bats owls and deer, you also stand a chance to see migratory birds flying south for the winter.

It’s quite pricey at £225 a night but it’s worth it. On top of the luxury cabin, you get 2 bottles of wine and a fresh breakfast hamper from the farm. You also have all the firewood you need for indoors or your BBQ. And most importantly an extremely cozy and relaxing place to destress and escape. And there are also 90 acres to explore!

I would highly recommend this place, In fact, I’m going to be going back when we’re allowed to. Once we arent prisoners to Covid-19 anymore.

I’d suggest going in the warmer months so that you can explore a lot further around the farm. They do have other accommodation including a cottage and a larger 6 bedroom house for those group getaways.

Check them out and book on their website Best Log Cabin and hopefully, you get a chance to experience this magical place for yourself. That’s one more off my Bucket List!

Check back Later for a video tour of the cabin.

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